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January 15, 2018

Stained Teeth? Greet the New Year with Teeth Whitening

bryce @ 9:16 am

close-up of an attractive smileWhat do you hope to accomplish in the New Year? If you are interested in making a change in your appearance, we’ve got a wonderful suggestion — professional teeth whitening. Only when you partner with your dentist will you benefit from the safest, most dazzling results under close supervision by a professional who knows what’s best for your teeth. What’s more, the results are revealed in a single visit! Keep reading to learn about in-office teeth whitening and how it can transform your smile.


December 29, 2017

A Cosmetic Dentist on What’s Possible With Your Smile

bryce @ 7:44 am

close-up of a beautiful smileIn 2018, there’s no reason to live with a smile that you don’t absolutely love. If you are dealing with serious dental damage, a visit to your cosmetic dentist can help you understand your options and how you can enjoy a happy, healthy, confident smile once again. A full mouth restoration or smile makeover may be just the ticket for your teeth — and the one that is right for you will depend on a few factors. Keep reading to learn more about these popular aesthetic treatments!


November 14, 2017

Ashburn & Sterling Neuromuscular Dentistry

bryce @ 7:37 pm

Man grimacing and holding jawDo you experience jaw pain, difficulty speaking clearly, abnormal tooth wear, or ringing in the ears? You may not think these symptoms have anything in common, but for many patients, these are all indicators that they are suffering from TMJ dysfunction. Lucky for dental patients in Ashburn and Sterling neuromuscular dentistry services are available. Neuromuscular dentistry is more than just a treatment – it’s a complete dental care philosophy. The idea is simple enough, neuromuscular dentistry is focused on ensuring the best function for your mouth, jaw, neck, and all the oral and facial structures.

June 28, 2017

“Perio Protect” Method of Treating Periodontal Disease Between Cleanings

bryce @ 9:24 pm

Gum Disease is an aggressive disease affecting tens of millions of adult Americans.  A chronic type which affects the jaw bones around the teeth, is known as Adult Periodontitis.  This disease not only results in vast tooth loss, it may be quite disfiguring of the jaws as well. (B.T.W., there is Juvenile Periodontitis, affecting children entering puberty).

Oral bacteria communities known as Biofilm build up beneath the gum line.  Manual and rotary toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash , occasionally only make a dent in the problem.  The Biofilm is difficult to see, hard to reach, and typically requires a Dentist or a Dental Hygienist to determine its presence and remove it.  Most people are totally unaware of any problem, because for the most part, no pain is involved.


October 30, 2013

Mouthguards: Custom Fit vs Boil-n-Bite

bryce @ 9:48 pm

It is estimated by the American Dental Association, that approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and collegiate football are prevented by wearing mouthguards.  Since dental injuries are the most common injury in sports, Dr. Raymond Flander did a study in 1995, reporting the high incidence of injuries in sports other then football.  The study notes that in football where mouthguards are mandatory, .07% of injuries were orofacial.  Contrast this to basketball where mouthguards are elective, 34% injuries are orofacial.  It seems obvious that custom fit mouthguards should be a routine piece of equipment in the prevention of dental and orofacial injuries.


August 15, 2013

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

bryce @ 3:45 pm

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are common problems that can affect your sleep, and have a significant impact upon your health and quality of your life. Everyone knows what snoring is, but did you know that more then 50% of snorers have OSA.

You may say “So what!?” “What’s the big deal? It’s only snoring…” Well, it is a BIG DEAL. The fact that you may snore means that changes have already occurred in your upper airway to make you snore. Your airway is narrowing, limiting air flow as you breathe. In fact, it may completely collapse, causing you to stop breathing.


June 25, 2013

Migraines may actually come from muscle tension

bryce @ 6:13 pm

I wonder how many people know that certain headaches, thought to be Migraines, may actually come from muscle tension underlying the Temple area of your head. These muscles known as the Temporalis muscles, acts as reigns to the lower jaw, keeping your jaw in proper position as you chew, speak and swallow. A missing tooth, chipped tooth, or high filling can cause a change of position to your lower jaw. This may result in added tension on your Temporalis muscle in order to keep your jaw in its proper position. This tension may subsequently result in inflammation of your muscle and tendons connecting to the bone.


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