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If you’ve experienced tooth damage or loss, you deserve quality dental restorations to repair that damage. That’s why we offer porcelain crowns and bridges at Aesthetic Dentistry by Design. We want to achieve cosmetic results whenever we repair smiles, and porcelain is a quality material that also closely mimics natural tooth enamel. That’s why it makes such a great material for crowns and bridges. Dr. Robert Bryce and the team at our Potomac Falls, VA office strive to make sure that our office is a warm, welcoming environment in which to receive great dental care that can restore your smile to its full luster and function.

Crowns can help when a tooth has been damaged by extensive decay that’s too large to be treated with a filling. They can also help repair teeth that have been chipped or fractured and are often used after root canal therapy to restore a weakened tooth to full function and strength. Crowns are shaped like natural teeth and then placed over the existing structure.

A fixed bridge replaces missing teeth. This option is non-removable, and they can only be used to replace one or a few missing teeth in a row if the remaining teeth next to the gap are strong enough to support crowns. Imagine a short row of replacement teeth with crowns on either end; that’s a bridge!

For quality dental restorations and complete oral health, contact Aesthetic Dentistry by Design for an appointment to discuss crowns, bridges, and other restorative dentistry treatments. Our Potomac Falls, VA dental office serves Potomac Falls, Leesburg, Reston, Great Falls, and beyond, providing comfortable dental care in a supportive and technologically advanced environment where service is our number one priority.




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