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November 3, 2018

Let the MicrO2 Device Help You Stop Snoring

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Many people who regularly snore use nasal sprays, uncomfortable sleeping positions, or other techniques to cut down on the noise they make at night. Those who snore due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may even employ a CPAP machine to fight their snoring and help them breathe easier at night. But did you know that a simpler solution may be available for you? The ProSomnus MicrO2 device is an innovative and comfortable oral appliance that could help you stop snoring and enable you to enjoy higher-quality rest.

How the MicrO2 Appliance Works

Snoring results when the soft tissues in the upper airway vibrate as air moves past them; inadequate airway space is the cause. Like all similar oral sleep appliances, the MicrO2 works to address this issue by gently repositioning the oral structures. This reduces the risk that the soft tissues in your mouth, such as the tongue or palate, will obstruct airflow at night.

Sadly, some patients find that oral sleep appliances are bulky or uncomfortable. That is why the makers of the MicrO2 went to great lengths to design one that precisely fits each patient’s mouth while using as little material as possible, in order for it to be effective.

The Benefits of the MicrO2

Some of the most outstanding benefits of the MicrO2 sleep device include:

  • The MicrO2 is designed to be quite secure, reducing the risk that the jaw will revert to an unfavorable position during sleep.
  • The device fits similarly to a retainer. Therefore, it can prevent the teeth from drifting out of their positions.
  • The small design promotes patient comfort and allows for free tongue movement. In fact, the MicO2 allows for more tongue space than other oral sleep appliances.
  • The device features one-piece construction, which means there are no moving parts that might be a challenge to adjust.
  • An oral sleep appliance is a quieter, more portable method for treating sleep apnea than a CPAP machine.

Is the MicrO2 Right for You?

The ProSomnus MicrO2 device is a remarkable product, and most patients are excellent candidates for it. If you would like to find out if it is right for you, you can begin by consulting a dental sleep medicine expert, like Dr. Robert Bryce. After he examines your oral structures and learns more about the problems that are causing your snoring and/or OSA, he can recommend a treatment that will best fit your unique needs.

Does your snoring disturb your partner? Does OSA-related fatigue interfere with your daily life? Now is the perfect time to find out if a simple oral device like the MicrO2 can help you experience quieter, more restful nights.

About the Author

Dr. Robert W. Bryce is proud to offer sleep apnea and snoring treatment including the Micro2 Sleep Device to individuals in Potomac Falls, Ashburn, Sterling, Great Falls, Reston, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to discover whether he can help you breathe easier at night, contact our office at 571-434-8000.

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