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October 30, 2013

Mouthguards: Custom Fit vs Boil-n-Bite

bryce @ 9:48 pm

It is estimated by the American Dental Association, that approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and collegiate football are prevented by wearing mouthguards.  Since dental injuries are the most common injury in sports, Dr. Raymond Flander did a study in 1995, reporting the high incidence of injuries in sports other then football.  The study notes that in football where mouthguards are mandatory, .07% of injuries were orofacial.  Contrast this to basketball where mouthguards are elective, 34% injuries are orofacial.  It seems obvious that custom fit mouthguards should be a routine piece of equipment in the prevention of dental and orofacial injuries.

Consider the cost of a custom fit mouthguard compared to the lifetime dental costs of treating orofacial injuries sustained from not wearing a mouthguard.  It’s a no-brainer.  Professional fabricated mouthguards are a great deal.  It is estimated that a victim of total tooth avulsion may face costs of $10,000.00 – $15,000.00 per tooth in a lifetime of dental costs to rehabilitate the area.  So it begs the question…

Are you or someone in your family participating in sports?

If so, you will need a mouthguard to protect yourself from mouth injuries that have the potential to affect your life for years to come. While most equipment can be purchased online or at a local sporting goods store, you will want to think again about  buying an over the counter mouthguard. While they do offer some protection, they do not provide the best fit and ultimate protection that your mouth and head require.

Boil-n-Bite vs. Custom Fit

Boil-N-Bite Mouthguards

  • Same basic design since 1960.
  • Formed by boiling, biting and using fingers and tongue to form your fit.
  • Bite too hard and the protection decreases as the plastic compresses.
  • If not formed accurately, the mouthguard can easily be jarred loose.
  •  Also they are bulky making it hard to breathe and talk during the activity.
  • Can cause thin spots and holes, leading to a POOR FIT and chipped teeth.
  • Does not give total tooth coverage.

Custom Fit Mouthguards

  • Custom fit allows for a snug fit.
  • Mouthguards stay in place and has a consistent thickness ensuring your protection.
  • You can breathe properly which will increase your performance.
  •  A properly fitted mouthguard will stay in place and you can talk more easily.
  • A custom fit mouthguard  helps reduce the likelihood of jaw injuries, chipped, broken, and lost teeth.
  • Reduced likelihood of lacerations of the tongue, lips, and cheeks.
  • Jaw joint (TMJ) injuries are reduced.
  •  Custom fit mouthguards are FUN!  They can be made in a variety of colors, solids and decals.
  •  They can be tailor made to your or your sports specifications.

Having the satisfaction that you or your family member is safer on the field with a properly fitted mouthguard is a priceless benefit.  It’s called peace of mind.

Please call our office today, 571-434-8000. We are dedicated to keeping you in the game!

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