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June 25, 2013

Migraines may actually come from muscle tension

bryce @ 6:13 pm

I wonder how many people know that certain headaches, thought to be Migraines, may actually come from muscle tension underlying the Temple area of your head. These muscles known as the Temporalis muscles, acts as reigns to the lower jaw, keeping your jaw in proper position as you chew, speak and swallow. A missing tooth, chipped tooth, or high filling can cause a change of position to your lower jaw. This may result in added tension on your Temporalis muscle in order to keep your jaw in its proper position. This tension may subsequently result in inflammation of your muscle and tendons connecting to the bone.

This condition known as Temporal Tendonitis may consist of the following symptoms:

  • Temple area pain
  • TMJ pain
  • Sensitive upper teeth
  • Eye pressure or pain
  • Ear pain or pressure

As a Neuromuscular Dentist I can diagnose this problem and treat it. Sometimes with the use of medications, sometime without medications. It really depends on your particular situation and what you and I decide to do once we uncover the root cause.

Regardless, if you are a Migraine sufferer you may be falling victim to a Migraine mimic. There are actually several types of Migraine mimics. Once we identify the mimic, we can help you live your life “normal” again. Patients with chronic Migraines are usually over joyed saying “is this what normal feels like?”

I would like to be the instrument in your life, to help you feel normal again. Call me today, 571-434-8000, and let’s discuss your symptoms.

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