Sedation Dentistry Calming Potomac Falls Nerves

blonde woman smilingThe Academy of General Dentistry reports that 40 million Americans avoid dental visits due to fear or anxiety. By not receiving the care they need, dental phobic patients inadvertently jeopardize their oral and overall health. At Aesthetic Dentistry by Design, Dr. Bryce offers sedation dentistry to help anxious patients put their fears behind them and receive quality care for a healthy smile.

Dr. Bryce is a DOCS-certified dentist who prescribes oral conscious sedation – a safe, effective, and medically proven way to alleviate anxiety and create a sense of total calm. If you haven’t seen a dentist in years or you routinely make and then break appointments because of a bad gag reflex or anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the answer. By simply taking a sedative prior to treatment, you can break the cycle of fear, damage, and neglect.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • At your consultation, Dr. Bryce will assess your needs, determine appropriate treatments, and prescribe a sedative method for you to before your next appointment. The sedative will induce a state of complete mental and physical calm, letting you shed your fears and face your dental visit with confidence.
  • Once at our office (please have a friend or family member transport you), we’ll get you settled in a comfortable treatment suite and begin monitoring your vital signs.
  • Dr. Bryce will administer additional medication to deepen your sedation and then perform your dental treatments. He can potentially perform multiple procedures in a single sedation dentistry session in order to complete your dental work in as few appointments as possible.
  • You won’t be completely unconscious – you can converse with our team and express your needs – but you’ll be unaware of treatment details.
  • The effects of oral conscious sedation diminish gradually. You’ll need someone to stay with you the evening following your treatments. Most patients return to a normal routine the next day.

Using oral conscious sedation, Dr. Bryce puts patients in control of their fears. Turn back the clock on dental damage and neglect and say hello to a new day and a new smile! If you’re in Potomac Falls, Leesburg, Reston, Great Falls, and beyond, contact us for an appointment!