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Jul 5 • 1 minute read

We often read about Tongue-Tie (T.T.) [and Lip tie (L.T.)] in babies, often in conjunction with inability for the baby to properly latch during breastfeeding. What about T.T. in adults ? Consider some signs and symptoms related to T.T. in adults (as well as in childhood and adolescence).


Retruded Jaw

Forward Head Posture

Crooked teeth

Misaligned jaws

Long face syndrome

Malpositioned tongue

Inability to open mouth wide

Messy eater

Delayed speech development

Difficulty keeping dentures stable


TMJ dysfunction

Sleep apnea



Gum disease

Bad breath

Neck and facial pain


Digestive issues

Choking on food and/or liquids

By all means these are limited lists. And not all of the signs and symptoms will be found in any one individual.



The “tie” is a thin tendon covered with mucosae, connecting a muscle to another intraoral structure . It is known as a frenum or frenulum.

Lip tie

Tongue tie


Since Dr. Bryce practices Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT), all T.T. procedures include OMT exercises for one month prior to the surgery (known as Frenectomy, Frenotomy or Frenulectomy). The OMT exercises are continued for a month or longer after the surgery to correct the T.T. 

The “tie” is removed either by laser or scalpel surgical technique.   And resorbable sutures are placed, for quick healing. One of the benefits to the exercises is that it reduces the chance for relapse or regrowth of the frenum.

This combined method of treatment has a very high success rate. And many who have experienced have a profound feeling of release afterwards.

Are you suffering from lip or tongue tie? A visit to a qualified dentist could do wonders for your quality of life and your oral health. Dr. Robert Bryce, an expert dentist in Potomac Falls, would be pleased to help you. Contact our office at 571-223-6221.

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